Fabulous food is at the heart of making every event memorable. Our catering provision offers a mouth-watering range of authentic dishes, lovingly prepared in our state of the art commercial kitchen.

Our extensive menu is available below, and please note that due to the innovative nature of our chefs, we are always happy to take any requests that may not be on the list.


Our starters use the whole palette of flavours, all at the same time. Traditionally cooked in a tandoor oven after being perfectly marinated in authentic spices.

Main dishes

Many Indian dishes owe their fiery flavour to chillies, ginger and garlic, and the perfect blend of these spices will create a distinct taste. Here are some of our more popular Main Dishes.

Rice dishes

Due to the variety in culture, each state has developed its own way of preparing dishes especially with a variety of rice based items.


An integral part of Indian cuisine, their variation reflects the diversity of Indian culture and food habits. Made primarily from milled flour, usually Atta.


Savour the flavour of our home made, delicious sundries to accompany your meal


Nostalgic favourites to modern avatars, we bring you the most loved deserts. Give your meal a befitting end.


A selection of drinks and juices